Thursday, 24 April 2014

Mosmans Restaurant, Mosman Park

A group of 10 of us "Dinner Clubbers" enjoyed a quiet Thursday night of dining (and some wining) at Mosmans Restaurant. Mosmans Restaurant is located at the beautiful Mosman Bay in Mosman Park. The restaurant itself is located over the water on stilts. Unfortunately for us we couldn't enjoy the stunning views that would be there during the day, looking out from the restaurant. This fine dining restaurant has won many awards and is a popular choice for wedding receptions.

Mosmans is known for it's seafood (two couples actually got the Seafood Platter to share between two) and it's group degustation style menu. As it was a weeknight, we all decided to go with the autumn a la carte menu , I opted an entree and a main and shared a dessert with a friend. Given that it was a fine dining restaurant and I wasn't particularly keen on bring a big clunky camera, the following photos were taking using my phone.

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Monday, 21 April 2014

Thai Orchid, Mt Lawley

I'm a big fan of Thai food, with a pretty decent rating on Urbanspoon I expected Thai Orchid in Mt Lawley to be pretty decent. However it turned out that the food wasn't particular good for the (expensive) prices we paid for our meal. I have been to much cheaper and tastier casual Thai restaurants in the past. The restaurant definitely looked and felt fancy, and we were probably quite under dressed having just coming from the beach!

Saturday, 19 April 2014

MON Japanese, Leederville

MON Japanese, on Newcastle Street in Leederville, is yet another Japanese cafe. I love Japanese food and would go for Japanese any day. This particular night my friends and I decided to try MON, we we tossing up between MON and Little Ceasers. As we have all had Little Ceasers before we thought we would give MON a try. Most places I have eaten at has redeeming qualities even if I don't think all the food was great, but I think MON was definitely one of the few (if only) Japanese place I did not particularly enjoy food wise I'm sad to say.

Thursday, 17 April 2014

Lunch at Gusto Food, South Perth

I have heard many good things about Gusto Food in South Perth from friends and colleagues. When the opportunity arouse a few weekends ago to pick a lunch venue I jumped on Gusto Food. Thankfully my friend who I was hanging out with for lunch absolutely loves Gusto. Gusto Food is located conveniently on Angelo Street in South Perth, despite living fairly near to South Perth, I can't say I've really been to Angelo Street before to check out the shops and cafes. There were plenty of cool little shops and cafes that I'm definitely keen to check out next time.

Tuesday, 15 April 2014

MIX, Perth City

MIX is a small and relatively new quick-bite cafe that popped up recently in Equus Arcarde along Hay Street, Perth city. I first heard of the place from a few colleagues who introduced me to it, it wasn't long before I decided to check it out myself. MIX fuses Korean and Mexican food in an interesting way. It essentially consist of Korean flavours in the fillings atop traditional Mexican dish such as a burrito, taco or tortilla.