Thursday, 17 April 2014

Lunch at Gusto Food, South Perth

I have heard many good things about Gusto Food in South Perth from friends and colleagues. When the opportunity arouse a few weekends ago to pick a lunch venue I jumped on Gusto Food. Thankfully my friend who I was hanging out with for lunch absolutely loves Gusto. Gusto Food is located conveniently on Angelo Street in South Perth, despite living fairly near to South Perth, I can't say I've really been to Angelo Street before to check out the shops and cafes. There were plenty of cool little shops and cafes that I'm definitely keen to check out next time.

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Tuesday, 15 April 2014

MIX, Perth City

MIX is a small and relatively new quick-bite cafe that popped up recently in Equus Arcarde along Hay Street, Perth city. I first heard of the place from a few colleagues who introduced me to it, it wasn't long before I decided to check it out myself. MIX fuses Korean and Mexican food in an interesting way. It essentially consist of Korean flavours in the fillings atop traditional Mexican dish such as a burrito, taco or tortilla.

Sunday, 13 April 2014

Dizzy Witch Cafe, Northbridge

After a fun morning walking through Hyde Park and taking photos, it was time to decide on somewhere to brunch/lunch. After our first couple of options didn't work out, we decided to Sayer's Sister for fail proof brunch. On our way there we walked passed a quiet cafe known as the Dizzy Witch Cafe on Brisbane Street, Northbridge. I expected a line at Sayer's Sister as usual, so we opted to try out this cafe that was unbeknown to us. The cafe was quite spacious with bohemian-like setting. It was great to relax in a quiet cafe for brunch.

Thursday, 10 April 2014

South Melbourne Markets, Melbourne

South Melbourne Market, as the name suggest, is located in South Melbourne, 2km away from Melbourne CBD and just south of South Bank. South Melbourne Market was opened in 1867, making it Melbourne's longest continually running market. Currently with almost 150 stalls in operation, the markets was a great way to spend two hours on the weekend, exploring the produce, fresh food and general merchandise. After brunching at Chez Dre which was just down the road from the markets, strolling through the markets was a great way to walk off some of our morning's meal.

Tuesday, 8 April 2014

Exploring Melbourne City, Australia

While I have yet to visit all the major cities of the Australia, Melbourne is certainly one of my favourite cities in Australia to visit even for a few days over the long weekend. After visit Melbourne for the first time back in 2011, using my birthday as an excuse for an interstate trip, I enjoyed the food and culture so much that I was really looking forward to exploring and eating my way through Melbourne as part of a dinner club trip to Melbourne with some close friends. Since I was going all the way to Victoria, I thought I might as well spend a few days exploring Mornington Peninsula & Philip Island, as well as a few days making the famous Great Ocean Drive. More on those trips later.