Brunch at Gordon Street Garage

One of the newest talk of the town is Gordon Street Garage located in West Perth. I caught up with a friend for brunch a few Sundays ago. I got there around 9.30am and the place was packed out! when I arrived there was already a small line forming to wait for a table.  These are just a few snaps I took from that morning.

I ordered a cappuccino to start while we decided on our dishes. I felt like the cappuccino was a pretty small serve for $4. I decided on the ham hammock with hummus cheese and rye bread with beans . the food took around 40 minutes to come out after we ordered. I if not for the fact that we were chatting while waiting for food I feel like that's a pretty long time for the food to be served. In their defense the place was pretty busy.

As far as taste goes it was pretty decent but I found my dish only warm by the time I got it and as you work your way through the dish it just got cold too quickly. Ideally the dish should be hot when served so as you eat through it its warm enough.

My friend was pleased with her poached eggs on toast with mushrooms on the side. She too complained of the small coffee serving size.

The Cafe was massive as it used to be a car garage before it was converted to a cafe. I it reminded me of Little Creatures in Fremantle but not as big. it has high ceilings and heaps of tables with old school retro furnishings. There was a loft area upstairs for lounging.
Overall it was a decent experience. I'm always skeptical going to newly opened places so early (It's only been opened for 2 weeks when we checked it out). But I would be keen on coming back to try out dinner and just generally catch up with friends over coffee.


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