Bunbury Road Trip | June 2013

As mentioned before, a few friends and I spent a night down in Bunbury a few weeks ago visiting a friend. Here are just some of the photos I took during the trip. Our friend brought us to the highest point in Bunbury, giving us a 360 degrees view of the quiet country town of Bunbury.

We went to a restaurant called Casellas for dinner. We weren't particularly hungry before dinner so we skipped the entree and ordered a main dish each instead. After the waiter took our order, they brought some bread and dipping sauce for the table. It's the first time I've been to a restaurant providing us with three different dippings for our bread.
 One of my friends ordered the ribs and veg and was rather happy with it.
Two of us ordered the Wagyu Beef Burger and it was massive and yummy. I could barely finish it, especially when it also came with a side of chips and aioli dipping sauce. 
One of our other friends ordered the braised beef, which fell apart nicely when he was eating.
After dinner, two of us drove down towards the beach to get away from as much light pollution as possible to try our hand at some night/star photography. It was freezing cold for the hour or so that we spent taking photos and theses are some of the shots I got of the Milky Way.

After Brunch at Cafe 140, we went to the nearby beach and did some jumping shots.

Thanks for awesome company, Bunbury was a great get away from our busy lives.


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