Ootong & Lincoln, Fremantle

For July's Dinner Club, we ventured down south to South Fremantle for brunch. I had a lovely and chilled morning at Ootong & Lincoln enjoying some good food and good company.  
Ootong & Lincoln is a typically hipster looking cafe. It had old-school decorative phones on wall, 1950s seats and tables, peeling colourful wall paint, around 15 bicycles randomly scattered around the cafe, upside down glass jars and upside down laundry baskets as ceiling lights. The cafe was spacious with lots of seating areas and it wasn't overly crowded or noisy at 9.30am in the morning, which was great for relaxing. We didn't feel the need to get in and out quickly because there were people waiting for the table.
The menu at Ootong & Lincoln is pretty typical of any brunch/breakfast menu with a few of it's own twist.
I ordered my usual cappuccino.
For my main I ordered the potato cake with spinach, smoked salmon, poached egg with hollandaise sauce ($19.50)
My friends had various items on the menu, baked beans, smoked salmon with zucchini corn fritter, the Ootong breakfast etc.

Overall we really enjoyed the food at Ootong & Lincoln and it was a great relaxing vibe, I would recommended if you're looking to catch up and relax over some good breaky food.


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