Dinner at Bistro des Artistes

As part of dinner club, I finally got to check out Bistro des Artistes in Subiaco. I was looking forward to trying it out after having such a great experience at Loose Box (Bistro des Artistes is co-owned by the owner of Loose Box Alain Fabregues). It was a great Dinner Club night with friends but I must say for me personally the food wasn't as tasty as I excepted. There were mixed opinion about the food all round but it was still a great night out. The restaurant was very homely and had quite a French decor. We went on a Thursday night so the Restaurant was pretty quiet, our group of 10 was the largest and probably the noisiest there. We all decided to have the three course meal for the night and there around 3 to 4 options for each course.

Entree: prosciutto wrapped lobster tail in a risotto sauce. It was probably my favourite dish of all three courses. It had the right balance of flavours & the lobster was cooked well. The risotto sauce made for a great dipping sauce for the bread provided for the table.

Main: Slow cooked beef cheek in red wine jus with vegies. It was very much a what you see is what you get kind of dish. I found the jus a little bit too rich and while I normally appreciate the generous portion sizes (The beef cheek was massive... and I could not finish the dish), it just lacked the flavour to entice me to eat more of it.
Cheese platter: It was a pleasant surprise that they provided a cheese platter before our desserts. The combination of dates, apple, cheese and bread was actually quite delicious. I'm not normally a fan of very strong cheese and I'm not sure which cheese this was but it had just the right level of richness for my liking.
Pre-dessert: Another pleasant surprise was the little bowl of ice cream mousse which we all received before our main dessert. It was a nice little palate cleanser.
Dessert: I can't recall the name of this dessert but I wish I went with the Creme Brulee instead! It looked amazing and apparently tasted just as amazing. The dessert pictured above was interesting and nice enough but nothing amazing. The pudding like dessert was too rubbery for my liking and almost impossible to cut in half. The mousse like dessert in the cup had a coffee like taste to it which was quite nice but again nothing too outstanding.

We ended the night with tea and coffee, and I opted for some peppermint tea to finish off a pleasant night out with friends. For me Bistro des Artistes was a bit of a hit and miss, but the overall service & ambiance was pleasant. I won't be coming back for dinner anytime soon given the quality of the food and the price ($75 per head) but I wouldn't mind checking out the breakfast or lunch menu


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