Hangout Bar N Cafe, South Perth

Ever since I heard about the Hangout Bar N Cafe in South Perth from a friend of mine, I have been meaning to check it out. Despite it being pretty close to where I live I hadn't had a chance to head there until this weekend. It's located at a very convenient spot along Preston Street near Labouchere Road, plenty of road side parking. It is a small little modern casual cafe, probably seating up to 20 or 30 people.

It was around 12 noon when my friend and I went for lunch. It was a great catch up spot, you could easily hear each other without raising your voices. What struck us immediately unfortunately was the poor service. While I know Perth is renowned for shoddy service, this place was certainly one of the worst I've come across. They weren't particularly friendly (But that's not unusual for Perth standards). We had to help ourselves to an additional menu as my friend and I were seated opposite each other, which made looking at one menu rather difficult. We also had to help ourselves to water (again not unusual for Perth standards) but what made the service poor in this respect was that the service staff were actually pouring water for other patrons, yet even after they took our order they still did not offer us water.
My friend ordered soy iced mocha as she's partially lactose intolerant and I ordered a regular iced coffee. Again they stuffed up our order and the only reason we know this was because my friend was facing the barista an could see him pouring soy milk into bother cups. When we were served with out drinks and they realised they stuffed up the order they were not particularly apologetic. The funny thing was our waitress actually confirmed our order too. When we eventually got our drinks, it was nice enough, nothing amazing.
The food took a good while after we placed our order to come out. We weren't particularly fussed as we were chatting away, but we were getting hungry. The next order stuff up was when our food came out. We had ordered onion rings to share but they served us calamari rings instead. Again the waitress had specifically confirmed we wanted onion rings when we ordered yet the wrong order came out. Again she was not apologetic she simply said she will just swap it. By that point we were much too hungry to care so we stuck with the calamari rings. 
Thankfully they got our Burger Slammers right. The burger patties were pretty good and the fat chips were quite nice.
Overall the food was pretty decent and flavoursome but the service was pretty poor. While it's somewhere I wouldn't mind coming back for the food, the nice casual atmosphere and the very central location, the poor service is rather off putting.


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