Asian Golden Wok, Innaloo

Asian Golden Wok in Innaloo is a relatively new Malaysian eatery that's been open for several months. I first heard about it from my uncle and we decided to check it out on the weekend. We managed to get to the restaurant around 11.30am just before the expected busy lunch period. The restaurant was probably around 70% full at that point in time. As we were in a rush I didn't get a chance to take some shots of the interior. Nonetheless it was a nice little restaurant, very clean and modern, especially considering it's essentially a "cheap Asian restaurant". The service was relatively fast and friendly as far as "Asian service" goes.  

The menu was pretty simple, listing all the typical Malaysian dishes you would expect with a brief description at a reasonable lunch price. It included things such as Mee Goreng, Kolo Mee, Chicken rice and Laksa. Being very familiar with Malaysian food, I'm always quite hesitant trying out Malaysian food in Perth. As I normally travel to west Malaysia, I steered clear from the west Malaysian specialties and decided on trying something eastern. Seeing as I had the Kolo Mee from Kitchen Inn in Thornlie a little while back and quite liked it, I decided to try another Sawarak specialty, Kampua Noodles.
Kampua Noodles ($7.20) consisted of homemade Foochow noodles with BBQ pork, topped with spring onions & fried shallots. Considering the price, it was a massive serve of noodles, certainly too much for one person to finish comfortably (unless you're a big eater). As I have yet to try Kampua noodles from Sawarak, I didn't really have anything to compare to. However, just basing on the dish itself, I personally wouldn't try it again. I found it a little be too dry, lots of noodles, not particularly flavorsome and not a lot of BBQ pork (NB. I forgot to take a photo before mixing up the dish, so the photo isn't quite representative of the dish). However, if that is how it normally is, then Kampua noodles is probably just something not to my liking.

Having said that, I certainly like to try the other west Malaysian dishes on the menu, where I will probably have something to compare to. Overall it was a cheap little place for a quick meal (we were in and out within half an hour), which was just what we needed that day. If you like Malaysian food it's definitely somewhere worth checking out.


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