Old Cathy, Victoria Park

A few weeks ago we visited Old Cathay in Victoria Park, very close to the Victoria Park bus interchange. It's quite a nice little Chinese restaurant, well known for it's nice environment and reasonably good service. One would call it the "mid-range" Chinese restaurant where you are in a nice environment to sit around and chat after dinner without the subconscious need eat and leave quickly like any busy Chinese restaurants.

As there were only two of us, we decided on just two dishes and white rice. The first dish we picked was Marmite Chicken ($16.80). As we have only tried Marmite Chicken at Hawkers Cuisine in Northbridge, we wanted to see how this compared. It has been a while since I went to Hawkers to remember in much detail but Old Cathy's version was pretty decent.

As it's not often that I have a tofu dish at hot, we went with the Spicy Mapo Tofu ($16.80) as our second dish. It was nice enough but nothing too memorable, we perhaps could have tried the Crispy Tofu Squares instead which was what we were tossing between.
Overall it was a nice little restaurant that served decent Chinese food for a reasonable price given the quality of the food and environment. It's certainly somewhere nice and close that I'm happy to come back to i I was craving some Chinese food on passing.


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