The Attic, Fremantle

The Attic in Fremantle is a cool little cafe on Bannister Street, just off the main "Cappuccino strip". As it isn't located on a main street where where all the busy cafes were, it was a nice change having lunch at a quiant little cafe. 

The Attic is located in a two-storey brick building, which blends in really well with all the other heritage buildings in Fremantle. It blended in so well that if not for a sign to direct me down Bannister Street I probably would have had a hard time finding it. Just outside the cafe were some wooden tables and chairs for those who wanted to brave the 30+ degrees heat. My friends and I chose the cooler attic instead. As the name of the cafe suggest, the second storey, presumably "the attic" was the main dining area with small wooden tables for groups of 2 to 4 people or very large wooden tables for communal dining or very large groups.

I didn't get a chance to take any decent shots of the interior or exterior of the cafe, but I loved the interior decorations and choice of furnishing. It was nice and cosy upstairs despite the high wooden ceilings and "attic" feel they were trying to give off. The furnishing was generally wooden and vintage, which I thought fitted in well with the theme they were aiming for. 

The menu was surprisingly small, not something I'm used to, yet it was refreshing to be given limited choices! It certainly made the decision of which meal to try somewhat easier. After a few minutes of deliberation we each made our picks and placed our orders downstairs at the counter.

Given it was such a hot day, I sacrificed my usual flat white which goes with most of my brunches/lunches, and went with the Uplifter fruit juice ($6.50) instead, which was a nice blend of apple & pear.
One of my friends had the pie of the day which was some sort of curry pie and salad

Another friend had the baked eggs with grilled chorizo ($16) with spinach & cream, served with bread on teh side and some rocket to top it off. I had a mouth full and you can't go wrong with baked eggs.

Personally I had the Shakshouka ($16.50), which looks similar to the baked eggs with differences in flavour. It's a Tunisian style dish of poached eggs (my favourite kind of eggs) with Tunisian spices, reduced tomato, black olives and chorizo, served in a little hot pot, with a side of bread. As I have yet to try Shakshouka to know how authentic this was, it was nontheless delicious and filling.

Overall, I loved the ambience and quiant little dining experience with good company and good food. The costs of the food was probably on the pricier end of the spectrum for a small cafe, but it was pretty much "Perth food prices". The Attic is a great place to chill out for brunch or lunch on a warm day. I'm loving the vibe in Fremantle and loving discovering all these cool little places serving up delicious food. Can't wait for my next Fremantle adventure.


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