The Old Crow, Perth

A couple of weeks ago, a friend from Adelaide came to visit and we thought the Old Crow would be a great place for her to try and a great place to play catch up. It was the second time I visited the Old Crow and it didn't disappoint. My previous experience dining at the Old Crow was good, the food was nice, the service was friendly and it was just a great place to gather with friends. Second time round was no different.

Given that we had more people and none of us were getting individual main dishes, we ordered seven dishes to share among five people. At the time we didn't feel that we over ordered, but half way through our meal, we realised we very much over ordered, with plenty of food left over. Given that it's American southern/soul food, we should have known better that we would fill up very easily!

The decor was very simple with plenty of American-esq trinkets around the place. There were plenty of outdoor dining tables for the warmer night and a fair number of large heavy wood tables indoors, great for big groups of people.
As usual the night started with some warm bread & fennel butter to share for the table. Considering we were all pretty hungry, a slice eat was far from enough, but we controlled ourselves and saved ourselves for the actual dishes of the night.
We ordered a pitcher to share, Pimms Pitcher ($32), containing pimms, fresh citrus slices, fresh mint and cucumber, topped with lemonade & soda water. Delish. I wish we ordered a second pitcher!

The first dish to come out was the Chimichanga with a salsa & sour cream sauce ($6.50). For those who don't know Chimichanga is basically a deep-fried burrito, a Mexican inspired Southern cuisine. The flavours certainly reminded me of a burrito, very yummy.

When I see a dish on the menu with the word "croquette" in it, there's no way I'm not ordering it! Below are the provolone croquettes, served on a bed of spicy cauliflower and pickled grapes ($15.50). I'm glad we ordered it because it was deliciously cheesy and the fried spicy cauliflower really added a nice flavour to the dish. 

Given that I really liked the fried shrimp with aioli ($10) the last time I came, it was a no brainer. I don't know if it's just me (I think it is) but for some reason my memory seems to tell me that we got a whole lot more shrimp the last time we came. Either way, if you like shrimp, it's such an addictive dish! You think you'll have your last shrimp dipped in aioli, but your hands don't follow and you go in for the next one. 

Ah, brussel sprouts, one of my most disliked vegies. When a friend firs told me to try out brussel sprouts at the Old Crow the first time I went, I mentally scoffed at the thought of brussel sprouts actually tasting nice. But boy was I proven incorrect, they weren't nice, they were amazing! Crispy Brussels sprouts, chilli jam, pine nuts and buttermilk ($15.50) combination hands down was and probably still is my favourite dish at the Old Crow. 

Jerk baked rice & beans, smoky eggplant, piquillo peppers ($26) reminded me a bit of risotto and I'm not generally a fan of risotto, so this dish didn't really resonate with me, though others on the table seemed to have enjoyed it.

Pulled ox tail & cheese, peach ketchup ($30). I guess you can't really go wrong with mac & cheese. I can't say I ever tried peach ketchup before but it went really well with the pulled ox tail.  Ox tail is something I have yet to try and I was pleasantly surprised. It reminded me very much of pulled pork. Delicious dish, very rich in flavours and personally I'm glad we were sharing it, I'm sure I wouldn't be able to finish it myself had we ordered individual dishes!

Salad, blue cheese, sherry onions, chicken skin ($8.50). The salad was probably my least favourite dish of the night. I'm not a fan of blue cheese as I find it a bit too strong for my liking, and as expected the blue cheese was a standout flavour... For those to love blue cheese I'm sure this would be a stand out dish for you.

The one dish I missed out on taking a photo of was the fried potatoes with ranch and cajun salt ($9). It was one of the best fried potatoes I've had. It was unbelievably large for a size dish, on top of all the other dishes.

Overall, I was not disappointed dining at the Old Crow a second time round. Funny enough I had the same waiter as the last time when I was here and he was friendly as ever. I like that we ordered all dishes to share which allowed me to order some old favourites as well as check out some new dishes. I still stand by my old favourites and I have added a few more favourites to the list, but there were certainly dishes that I personally didn't rate. But if you ask me if I would recommend the Old Crow again, I certainly would.  


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