Cranked, West Leederville

While the original plan was having breakfast at Piccolo's Corner, it was a lost cause when none of us could find parking in the area. We decided to fall back on going to West Leederville area and picking one of the cafes for brunch instead. We walked past a place called Cranked, which none of us have tried and went along with that one. It was a pretty crowded cafe, while plenty of people out for Sunday Brunch.  

Given that it was a warm day and we were sitting outside, partially under the sun, I opted for an iced coffee instead of my usual flat white. Being the potato fan I am, I ordered the Potato Hash - Grilled potato hash with a tomato and red onion salsa, topped with a poached egg, hollandaise and rocket ($17). It turned out to be quite a dissapointing dish. The potato was pretty much a slice of mash baked potato and I found the flavours somewhat bland, even the hollandaise sauce.

Overall, while it was a nice morning out with friends, I didn't find the food impressive, we might have been better off braving the crowds and going around the corner to Sayers for brunch.

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