Pearfect Pantry, Wembley

40KirwanStreet was on the list of places-to-eat and a bunch of friends and I thought the start of 2014 was a great time to check it out. Little did we know (silly of us not to check) that 40kirwanStreet was closed due to the Christmas/New Years period. Which led us scrambling for a place to brunch at (which really turned into lunch by the time we actually found a place) around the Floreat area. After much Urbanspoon-ing, we decided to check out the Pearfect Pantry in Wembley.

Pearfect Pantry was certainly one of the harder to find cafes, quite literally hidden behind a laundromat. If not for the good spotting by my friend while driving along Herdsman Parade, we would have missed it. Upon arriving at the cafe, I immediately got a very homely feel, with pot plants around the place and mismatched furniture.

Walking into the cafe certainly felt somewhat like the living room of a house, almost like an extension of someone's house, that's been decorated with an assortment of wall art and a variety of mismatched cups and plates.

Despite lunchtime, it was a pretty quiet day at the cafe, certainly a nice little place to catch up over food and coffee. As it was the weekend we were given the all day breakfast menu which suited us well, seeing as we intended to go out for brunch. The menu was fairly simple (from what I recall) with the usual suspects. I tend to avoid the "big breakfast" type dishes but what I really liked about this place was that it gave us a "mini breakfast" option! Basically you get all the offerings of a big breakfast except in small portions. This seemed to have resonated with all of us, resulting in four small breakies on the table.  


The coffee was fine for the standards of a non-connoisseur like me. I liked the serving size and it consisted of what you'd expect, hash brown, tomato, sausage, toast, poached egg, bacon and some spinach. Overall it wasn't anything spectacular, simply what you would expect from a "big breakfast" type meal. It was pleasant and I would probably pop back in the next time I'm in the area, but otherwise it wouldn't be something I'd be specifically coming back to anytime soon.

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