Small Print Baker & Roastery, Perth City

After the Labour Day long weekend, I was catching up with a few work colleagues over breakfast as one of Perth's newer eateries called Small Print in Brookfield Place. It's aptly named as the baby brother of the much larger and well known Print Hall that sits at ground level. Small Print on the other hand is a little bakery/cafe that I believe is only open for breakfast & lunch, catering for the corporate workers of the area.

We arrived to a quiet Small Print around 7am on a Tuesday morning, the first day of work after a long warm weekend of sun and fun. There were a couple of corporate types waiting around for their morning coffee and a couple of people enjoying a pastry while reading the morning paper. It was a nice modern environment which really blended well with the fancy looking bars and restaurants in the area.

As it was a work day and I certainly wasn't going to lug my heavy camera to work, I decided to put my iPhone 5 through its paces and see if I get images I deem usable for a blog post. To my pleasant surprised, it did a great job given the low light situation in the cafe. There's admitted some visible grain in the images but I don't feel that it distracted the viewer from the image too much. It was also the first time I've uploaded images that I have taken using my iPhone into Lightroom for editing. Again I was pleasantly surprised that I could do some simple editing to bring the images more to life and it even had lens correction for the iPhone 5! that I was certainly surprised by.   

The breakfast menu was small and simple. Ranging of typical breakfast items like muesli & eggs on toast. To somewhat more uncommon dishes like smoked ocean trout. I was immediately drawn to the Smoked ocean trout with slow cooked eggs & cucumber ($25). The presentation was impressive and very "fine dining" like, with petite pieces of smoked trout, cucumber & cherry tomatoes. I was imagining a piece of smoked trout similar to the smoke salmon meals I have ordered for breakfast in previous cafes. It was a pleasant surprise but certainly not what I was used to. The combination of ingredients and flavours went really well together. The eggs were poached to perfection. Another pleasant surprise with the buttery toast with another poached egg on the side. The toast was one of the best I've had in a long time. Overall $25 certainly felt pricey for breakfast on a weekday, but the quality of food and presentation certainly made it feel like a $25 meal.

No breakfast of mine is complete without a caffeine hit, I opted for a latte. I'm certainly no coffee connoisseur but the freshly roasted coffee smelt and tasted amazing. They even hold coffee brewing sessions I believe every Thursday morning for those who are interested to see how they brew their coffee.

I would love to come back and try out the baked goods, the croissants and pastries looked lovely. Overall, a great find.

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