Dizzy Witch Cafe, Northbridge

After a fun morning walking through Hyde Park and taking photos, it was time to decide on somewhere to brunch/lunch. After our first couple of options didn't work out, we decided to Sayer's Sister for fail proof brunch. On our way there we walked passed a quiet cafe known as the Dizzy Witch Cafe on Brisbane Street, Northbridge. I expected a line at Sayer's Sister as usual, so we opted to try out this cafe that was unbeknown to us. The cafe was quite spacious with bohemian-like setting. It was great to relax in a quiet cafe for brunch.

Dizzy Witch Cafe used the 5 Senses Harmony Blend of coffee. I ordered my usual flat white ($4) and after tossing up between two attracting items on the menu, I decided to try the Eggs Benedict GRISELDA ($20) which consisted of two free range poached eggs, smoked salmon, wilted spinach & a spicy homemade hollandaise sauce over the top of the buttered sourdough bread.

The coffee was nice, can't go wrong with 5 Senses. Smoked salmon with spinach & eggs on toast with a creamy serving of hollandaise is hard to go wrong and very much your typical brunch item. The food was nice & was a reasonable serving size but very much your typical Perth price. The service was average (Perth standards), nothing memorable. It was nice to have brunch at a cafe where you didn't have to raise your voice to talk for a change. Overall, the Dizzy Witch Cafe is a nice addition to the brunch scene but nothing to rave about.


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