MIX, Perth City

MIX is a small and relatively new quick-bite cafe that popped up recently in Equus Arcarde along Hay Street, Perth city. I first heard of the place from a few colleagues who introduced me to it, it wasn't long before I decided to check it out myself. MIX fuses Korean and Mexican food in an interesting way. It essentially consist of Korean flavours in the fillings atop traditional Mexican dish such as a burrito, taco or tortilla.

The shop itself was smaller than I expected, there were just a few tables inside the shop, just as well there weren't any other customers in there as I went with a quite a number of people. Just behind the counter was the kitchen where you can easily see the staff at work.

I've never been a huge fan of Mexican food (I probably just haven't had good Mexican!) so I was a but of a skeptic with how Mexican flavours would go with Korean! As advertised at the counter, the Spicy Chicken Quesadilla ($10.50) was a popular choice, so I went with that and a side of Sweet Potato Chips ($6).

The dish consisted of 3 pieces of Quesadilla packed with a Korean inspired spicy chicken flavours with cheddar and mozzarella cheese, with a side of sour cream and guacamole. The presentation was simple and at first it didn't look like much. After my first bite, I was sold, somehow Korean and Mexican fusion tasted pretty good. However, onto my second piece, I was feeling the flavours were getting a bit repetitive  and the cheesy-ness of the dish was getting somewhat sickening. I could have comfortably shared the dish with another person. The side of sweet potato chips was a great addition and a larger than expected serve which was great. Sharing this combination with another person would have made it my perfect lunch and at a good price too. Overall, I would venture back to MIX for my lunch breaks for a quick and easy meal, there were a few other interesting dishes that I think I'll be game to try next time.


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