MON Japanese, Leederville

MON Japanese, on Newcastle Street in Leederville, is yet another Japanese cafe. I love Japanese food and would go for Japanese any day. This particular night my friends and I decided to try MON, we we tossing up between MON and Little Ceasers. As we have all had Little Ceasers before we thought we would give MON a try. Most places I have eaten at has redeeming qualities even if I don't think all the food was great, but I think MON was definitely one of the few (if only) Japanese place I did not particularly enjoy food wise I'm sad to say.

The cafe had plenty of customers having a good time around us, the cafe was cosy and modern. The waitstaff were really friendly and service was pretty reasonable. The menu looked appetising however , I was pretty disappointed that the flavours missed the mark for more than I would have liked. As there were four of us, we decided to get the Seafood Board ($38) and Grazer board for sharing ($35), Pork Gyoza ($9) to share and a bowl of rice each ($3/bowl).

The Lotus Chips which came as part of one of the boards, were not as crispy as they should be (I remember I loved the crunchy Lotus Chips at Izakaya Sakura). The lamb lamb chops I thought were a bit of an odd combination with the rest of the Japanese food on the board. The agedashi tofu and Veggie croquettes were reasonable, but not spectacular.

The pork gyoya was probably the highlight of the night though I think I have had better gyoza.

The $3 rice bowl I thought was somewhat of a rip off considering the size of it.

The seafood board was even less memorable.

Overall, MON seemed like a take away place. I was quite disappointed with the food, there were some positives in there but not enough to entice me to come back a second time any time soon. Hopefully other customers have had good food experiences with MON.


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