Mosmans Restaurant, Mosman Park

A group of 10 of us "Dinner Clubbers" enjoyed a quiet Thursday night of dining (and some wining) at Mosmans Restaurant. Mosmans Restaurant is located at the beautiful Mosman Bay in Mosman Park. The restaurant itself is located over the water on stilts. Unfortunately for us we couldn't enjoy the stunning views that would be there during the day, looking out from the restaurant. This fine dining restaurant has won many awards and is a popular choice for wedding receptions.

Mosmans is known for it's seafood (two couples actually got the Seafood Platter to share between two) and it's group degustation style menu. As it was a weeknight, we all decided to go with the autumn a la carte menu , I opted an entree and a main and shared a dessert with a friend. Given that it was a fine dining restaurant and I wasn't particularly keen on bring a big clunky camera, the following photos were taking using my phone.

To start, I ordered the Seared scallops and chorizo tart, onion soubise, herb salad ($27). That was probably my favourite dish of the night, the scallops were cooked well and I'm a big fan of chorizo.

I don't normally order fish as my main, but I decided to try out the local barramundi, roast beetroot, kipfler potato, asparagus, sherry butter ($42) as a change. I'm not a big fan of beetroot but I thought I would give it a shot, unfortunately, the dish did not change my mind about beetroot! It was very earthy tasting and personally it probably overpowered the barramundi. I ended up mostly just trying to avoid the beetroot. Perhaps given a different sauce/puree I would have enjoyed the dish more.

Lastly, despite feeling quite full from the entree and main, I decided to try out one of the dessert items, sharing it with a fellow dinner clubber. We picked the 72% dark chocolate tart, muscat ice cream, pistachio soil, caramelised figs ($17).The dessert sounded great but I was disappointed it didn't taste as good as it sounded on paper. The chocolate tart was fairly average, the ice cream and pistachio combination was nice. The caramelised fig wasn't particularly tasty (most of it was left on the plate).

Overall, Mosmans is a lovely restaurant which I think would be great during the day. The prices were what you expected for a fine dining award winning restaurant, but for me personally I didn't feel the whole dining experience and food was worth what I paid.


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