Palsaik Namoo, Perth

I have never been much of a fan of Korean food, but with friends who love Korean food, I have gradually acquired a taste for Kimchi and other uniquely Korean flavours. Palsaik Namoo is one of the newer Korean BBQ places on the Perth food scene. When I say new however, it's probably at least 6 months old. I generally try to avoid the crowds and let places settle into their restaurant routine before trying it out. I was keen to check it out given all the good stuff I kept hearing about it and the apparent long lines after work. We arrive around 6pm on a Friday night and I was surprised that we pretty much got seated immediately. It was actually quite a large spacious restaurant and even had wheelchair access to get to the upstairs part of the restaurant.

I must admit the first time I went with some colleagues I wasn't particularly impressed. However the second time when with my family for my mum's birthday and totally enjoyed it. Though I do feel like the second time round we ordered what we should have initially ordered the first time I went, which is the 8 flavour pork belly ($59.80). How I missed ordering the restaurant's signature dish the first time round I have no idea. I can see why it's the signature dish though, it was pretty darn good! At a decent price, we got 8 lovely flavours: wine, original, ginseng, garlic, herb, curry, miso paste and finally red pepper paste (hot). The waiter advised use to barbeque and eat in that particular order and the wooden tray even had everything labelled appropriately.

In typical Korean food style, a variety of condiments/vegies arrived on our table in quick succession, very quickly filling up the table of four. I can't count the number of times we refilled the kimchi, for some reason, I quite liked the kimchi at Palsaik Namoo. It just have the right balance of flavours for me.

The 8 flavour pork belly actually came with a seafood soybean paste stew, which was tucked in the corner, as part of the price. It had what you would expect a seafood stew to have, mussels, prawn, squid, and alsome some tofu and Chinese cabbage. The source was quite nice and flavoursome, a bit of a contrast to the spicy and strong flavours we were getting from our BBQ pork belly.

For some reason, we didn't think just getting the 8 flavour pork belly would be sufficient for four, so we decided to get a couple of extra dishes to share. I was keen to try the fried dumplings ($8.50 for 5 pieces) and I really liked it. What I really liked surprisingly was that salad on the side, it had some sort of chilli based sauce that just went so well with the dumplings and also really tasty on its own. Would like love a second serve of that salad.

The kimchi pancake ($14.50) was also really good. It was fairly big in size, full of flavour, soft on the inside and crunchy on the outside.

Overall, second time round, I'm glad I gave it another chance. I really enjoyed the food at Palsaik Namoo. For what you got, the food was good value and delicious. My family of picky eaters also enjoyed the meal. The service wasn't particularly amazing but staff were friendly. Given that a few of the wait staff were speaking relatively broken English, I'd say the restaurant is pretty "authentic". It is certainly somewhere I would come back to for dinner, especially working in the city.


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