Pinto Thai, Kensington

Pinto Thai is located south of the river in Kensington, on a small strip of shops. If I was not introduced to it by my friend I probably wouldn't have known of such a nice little place. It's a small shop which has limited seating but I imagine a tonne of take away business. I didn't bring my camera out this particular night, so I had to rely on my camera for the photos.

We started our night at Pinto Thai with a bowl of prawn tom yum soup ($9.50) per bowl. It consisted of the typical ingredients (prawn, mushroom, tomato, baby corn) in a spicy soup. I love tom yum soup and this was good soup albeit pretty pricy. 

For mains, we decided to share a few between the four of us with white jasmine rice. The first dish was the gang phed ped yang ($25.50) the roasted duck was placed in a rich creamy red curry sauce, with lychee, pineapple, cherry tomato and vegetables. I have yet to have lychee in a curry dish but all the flavours worked well together and it was delicious. 

The second dish was another duck dish, the five spice duck ($25.50) which was highly recommended by my friend. It consisted of lightly spiced tender roasted duck with plum sauce, Shitake mushroom and herbs. Another star dish.

Our last main for the night which we shared was the deep fried barramundi with garlic sauce ($25.50) The barramundi was fried and tossed in with vegetables in a garlic sauce. The barramundi was crunchy and tender at the same time and I really liked the sweat and sour taste to the sauce. 

Overall, Pinto Thai being so close to me is certainly somewhere I would be happy to come back to. While the bill wasn't the cheapest, the food tasted great, unlike my previous experience at Thai Orchid for example, and that's what largely matters. It's great to see a small local cafe/restaurant serving nice food in a quiet suburb and having such a large customer following. Goes to show, serve good food and they will come. 


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