Thai Orchid, Mt Lawley

I'm a big fan of Thai food, with a pretty decent rating on Urbanspoon I expected Thai Orchid in Mt Lawley to be pretty decent. However it turned out that the food wasn't particular good for the (expensive) prices we paid for our meal. I have been to much cheaper and tastier casual Thai restaurants in the past. The restaurant definitely looked and felt fancy, and we were probably quite under dressed having just coming from the beach!

We had the Chicken Thai Green Curry  which I didn't find as flavoursome as the other green curries I have had in the past. The stir fried deepfried eggplant dish wasn't quite what we expected. The green peppercorn pork stirfry was probably my least favourite dish of the night.

The staff were friendly and the service was prompt. The food wasn't nearly as good as a few of my other favourite Thai places, especially given the price of the dishes. Overall, it probably won't be somewhere I would come back to any time soon.


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