City Farm Breakfast, East Perth

City Farm in East Perth, is one of my favourite places to go for breakfast or lunch, seeing as it's so close to work and offers great coffee and food. We rocked up fairly early in the morning around 7am, for breakfast. They were just starting up and there were maybe one or two people lingering around waiting for their coffee. As this was before work on a work day, I only had my trusty iPhone for photos. 

I started with my flat white ($4), best way to start any day of the week is with a nice hot coffee. It would have been great to get some latte art happening, perhaps it was too early in the morning! For breakfast, I went with the Croque Monsieur ($9.50) which consisted of free range ham, gruyere, creme fraiche in a organic sourdough sandwich. While I enjoyed my sandwich I wish it was a little bit larger! Alas, this is Perth prices, I miss the prices found in the Eastern States, even Adelaide prices are cheaper than Perth! 

Overall, despite City Farm's relatively small servings and typical "Perth Prices", the food just brings me back for more. Being in a convenient location, it's hard not to frequent such a place. 


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