Darbar Indian Nepalese Restaurant, Fremantle

Darbar Indian Nepalese Restaurant is located in suburbia in South Fremantle. As the name suggest, it specialises in quality Indian and Nepalese food. When my dad saw the special on one of the daily deal sites, we thought it was good value for money and interesting to try a cuisine that we haven't really tried before. For my parents who tend not to venture out too far into other cuisines, this was a good opportunity when  you get $122 worth for the low price of $58 for four people.

Course One: Papadums and chutney. I'm a huge fan of papadums and I believe it's a must in any good Indian meal. While I doubt the papadums were "house made", the chutney tasted like it was. The bright green colour of chutney was deceiving as it tasted great and went with many dishes throughout the night.

Course Two to Four: Vegetable Samosas, Onion Baji and Chicken Momo Dumplings. While I have had all three dishes in various places (e.g. markets and other restaurants), Darbar certainly made the dishes feel homemade and very tasty. I could have easy scoffed down a few more of each. It went especially well with both dipping sauces.

Course Five: Lamb stew to share. The generous serve of lamb was creamy and tomato-y and was definitely my favourite of the two savory main dishes for the night. With a loose serving of rice, I couldn't get enough of the lamb.

Course Six: Kathmandu Chicken to share. This was probably my least favourite dish of the night. It wasn't that it was a terrible dish, I just found the dish a big too dry for my liking. Sizzling chicken and sizzling fresh veggies on a very hot pan, however gave the dish a nice charred texture and taste, which was not like anything I have really tasted before. Again, I can't fault their generous serving size and tender chicken pieces.

Course Seven: Gulab Jamon. Last but not least was a tiny sweet little dessert to finish off our meal for the night. Gulab Jamon is a very traditional milk-solids dessert which is soaked in sugary syrup and in this case flavoured with rose water. I'm not generally a dessert fan and this is certainly one of the more unusual desserts I have tried.

Overall, we really enjoyed the meal as a family. The food and service was nice and homely. When you look at the individual courses of food you probably don't think it's particularly filling, but as you progress through the courses we certainly became more and more full! If don't mind going a little bit out of the way and would like to try something quite different and homely I would recommend Darbar.


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