Beaufort Street Merchant, Highgate

Beaufort Street Merchant, as stated in the name is located along a busy stretch of Beaufort Street. It's open seven days a week from early morning all the way till late at night, making it one of the more popular hangout spots in Highgate/Mt Lawley. I have been for dinner and late night desserts with friends, but never for breakfast. When the opportunity came up to catch up with a couple of friends in a central location for breakfast, I jumped at the chance to try Beaufort Street Merchant's breakfast menu. While I didn't particularly enjoy dinner there and desserts were nice but not outstanding, I was interested to see what the breakfast was like, given I've heard that breakfast is what they shine at.

When you first enter, you're met with the typical  the restaurant/cafe setup, but looking further into the shop, you will see the that Beaufort Street Merchant is that it is also a gourmet food retailer. Owned and ran by a brother-sister pair, they have made Beaufort Street Merchant an icon along Beaufort Street, with plenty of patrons anytime you walk/drive past. 

As I was the first to arrive, I ordered myself a flat white ($4.20) and enjoyed my morning coffee while I did a bit of reading as I waited for the others to arrive.

When it was time to order, I must say it was a tough decision! There were plenty of enticing choices on the menu (which just means another breakfast trip really). I settled on the Chorizo Baked Beans ($19) for a hearty warm breakfast. It consisted on a poached egg on top, a dash of chilli creme fraiche on a bed of baked beans and chorizo, and a side of toast and butter to clean up all that sauce.

Perth is certainly known for it's expensive food and drink prices, Beaufort Street Merchant was not different. Prices were fairly average but on the plus side, the food was nice and the breakfast vibe on a Saturday morning was great. Definitely a nice place to catch up with friends over coffee and food, and I think I enjoyed my breakfast more than I did the dinner.

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