Bread in Common, Fremantle

Bread In Common, located at the heart of Fremantle, took over an old warehouse space and converted it into one of the most popular restaurants in Fremantle. Despite not being hungry (having only eaten two hours ago at Wild Poppy), we did want a break from exploring Fremantle and somewhere to get away from the warm weather. Given that it's not all too common that I enjoy a nice day out in Fremantle, I was very keen to try Bread In Common for lunch.  

With a combination of kitchen and bakery, it's open everyday morning until night. It's big on the concept of communal dining, with it's massive communal tables, with a philosophy of sharing food drinks and wine with great company. It has a big bakery section and front-of-shop for those who wish to by some bread to take home. Bread In Common is also big on wine. One side of the restaurant wall is lined with wine bottle after wine bottle. While I'm no wine drinker, they have an extensive wine list that is sure to cater to everyone's taste. The interior decor is rustic yet modern, with it's unfinished brick wall look, high ceilings and modern down lights.

Given the warm weather, we were keen to order some refreshing house-made juices. Coincidentally each of us decided to try a different flavour, making for some colourful images. I went with the watermelon, apple & lemon juice ($8). While it was a killer combination for juice, it was by far the most expensive juice I've ordered. Bread In Common's expensive juices and smoothies is definitely one of the gripes for many.

As the word "bread" is in the name of the eatery and even having an in-house bakery, it only made sense for us to try it's bread. We decided to order the Wood-fired Organic Flour Bread ($2 per person), which consisted of traditional bread and sourdough whole meal bread. We also decided to order house churned butter ($0.50), Preston Grove olive oil ($0.50) and Hazelnut dukkah ($3.50). Perhaps my friends and I had high expectations of the bread, however, speaking for myself, the bread was nice and soft but nothing particularly spectacular about it. 

Duck fat roasted potatoes, rosemary, garlic and a side of ketchup ($13) was definitely a simple but tasty dish. The potatoes were perfectly roasted with a strong hint of herbs.

Lamb ribs, chilli, mint & black garlic ($20). The dish looked simple but it was absolutely delicious. the lamb was tender and fell off the bone, the vinaigrette sauce had the right balance of flavours that went so well with the lamb. We even cleaned up the sauce using the remaining bread.

Overall, I quite enjoyed my experience at Bread In Common. Ironically for me, the bread was not the stand out, it was really the food. I would love to come back for dinner or breakfast to check out the remaining dishes on the menu. The food really has been created to share between 3 to 4 people. 


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