New Moon Dimsum, Northbridge

New Moon is one of my favourite places to have dim sum in Perth. It's somewhere I've been for dim sum for lunch and dinner several times, but have yet to blog about it. Located along James Street in Northbridge, at one of the busiest parts of Northbridge, it's definitely a very popular restaurant for dim sum. It's not unusual to find several groups of people waiting outside the restaurant for a table after 11am on the weekend. 

Below are some of my favourite dim sum dishes (too many to name) and they certainly fed a family of four very well! New Moon's fried squid (a staple dish of many dim sum places in Perth) is one of the best I've tried so far. Most of the steamed dishes were typical of what I would expect. I will let the photos speak for itself.

While the service is not noteworthy (most Chinese restaurants are not), the service is quick and the prices reasonable. If you're not familiar with dim sum or if you haven't tried dim sum at New Moon, then I would highly suggest you give it a shot. It's also one of the rare places that has dim sum at night (I believe only on Fridays if I remember correctly).


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