Wild Poppy, Fremantle

A couple of months ago, a few friends and I decided to spend a Saturday morning exploring Fremantle. As one of my friends was a Freo local, she led us through the streets of Freo. 

We stopped at Wild Poppy for a breakfast on our way into the heart of Fremantle. Wild Poppy is a rustic cafe with a laid back atmosphere, a great way to  start Saturday morning. I love the little menu with it's colourful knitted border. Wild Poppy also had an awesome floral mural near where all the comfy looking couches were. It had hipster looking lace-covered down lights, beautiful tea pots lining the wall and plenty of paintings hung on the walls.

For breakfast, I ordered the Chef's Special, which was a salmon, dill and ricotta cheese omelette with a side of toast and butter ($16). I didn't expect the omelette to be quite so large, despite being fairly hungry I could barely finish it. Taste wise it was nice, though I don't think I would be coming back anytime soon.

I thought instead of ordering my usual flat white for my caffeine hit, I opted for what I thought would be homemade refreshing iced tea, based on the description on the menu. Alas it was Stolen Recipe's watermelon and raspberry bottle iced tea ($4). While it did quench my thirst I was disappointed that it wasn't homemade iced tea.

The food was simple and homely, but certainly nothing spectacular. I could tell that it was popular with the locals, there were plenty of people enjoying coffee and reading the morning paper. Overall, Wild Poppy had a nice relaxing atmosphere, just what I would want for breakfast on Saturday morning.


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