Sixteen Ounces, Victoria Park

Sixteen Ounces is one of the new kids in Victoria Park and definitely a great addition to a burgeoning breakfast/lunch scene along Albany Highway. I first heard of Sixteen Ounces from Whit's blog post and was keen to check it out the next time I was heading to brunch. I was looking for somewhere central to catch up with a friend and it was the perfect opportunity to try Sixteen Ounces as it was just the two of us and I know how busy it can be for breakfast/brunch on a Saturday morning. And I wasn't wrong when I expected it to be busy. When we arrive around 10am, the cafe was packed and there were several people waiting for tables. The wait was around 15-20 minutes.

I absolutely loved the interior of the little cafe. It definitely had that modern yet hipster decor and vibe, with it's cool wall art, overhanging lightbulbs, wooden shelving and matching grey aprons. The Autumn-Winter menu was short and sweet. There is something to be said about a menu with few selections. I love that I don't have to decide between 10 different dishes. While all items on the short menu sounded interesting, I was drawn to the Baked Chorizo Hash ($16.50). A combination of baked potatoes, spicy chorizo,  tomatoes with a sunny side up egg and a side of toast surely can't go wrong. A great dish for a chilly winter morning.

Coffee at brunch is a must for me so naturally I ordered my flat white ($4). Bloggers have raved about the amazing Five Senses coffee at Sixteen Ounces and while I'm not coffee expert, to me it was the perfect morning coffee. Just watching the baristas at work, you can certainly tell they put a lot of effort into making that perfect coffee for their customers. To further prove my point, I was about take a photo of my cup of warm coffee (flat white no. 1) when the barista placed the cup on our table and he immediately said he'll make me another with better looking latte art. At first I thought he was kidding as I commented that it was perfectly fine. But  he really did make me a second flat white and "better" art (flat white no. 2). I was certainly impressed by his dedication and service.

 Flat white no. 1

 Flat white no.2

I was also pleasantly surprised with the overall service from the staff, they were very friendly and you could tell they would go out of their way for their customers if they could. I will certainly be coming back soon to check out the other items on the menu. I wouldn't recommend going with more than 4 people on a weekend for brunch, but perhaps lunch won't be so busy on the weekend. We were able to stay for a little bit longer after we had already finished out meal since there weren't anyone else waiting for a table. It was just a great place to relaxing and catch up with friends over coffee.


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